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Along the north Pacific coast, the early sea kayak biz, and other miscellany.
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Map of my PNW kayak travels

West Chichagof Island
1973 - My very first overnight sea kayak trip in a flimsy boat - 28 days of Alaskan wilderness, open ocean, and slim rescue prospects. Foolish by today's safety standards.
Moresby Island before Gwaii Haanas
1974 - My second sea kayak trip. The southern Queen Charlottes (now called Haida Gwaii). Abandoned Haida villages, "sea hippies", and loggers.
Seymour Inlet Portage
1985 - Seeking a route from one inlet to another where there wasn't one. One of those things I felt compelled to do, and would never repeat. How to drag a sea kayak up a cliff Best Replica Watches.
Light Stations
Many are now automated and de-staffed, but some in BC still have light keepers. A few stories about encounters with them and keepers' life on "The Lights". Pine Island - mowing the lawn, swimming in the cistern, and a dusk rain of auklets.
The Kayak Biz
Learning to design and build kayaks, Eddyline, living the author's life, and anonymity.
Building Cabins
Illicit but harmless in the 70s and 80s, the time for doing this has now past, but here's what I did. Using materials off the beach to create little huts in the woods.
Cabins continued
Burnett Bay goes public: hundreds shelter there, building a community in a logbook. Building the hidden Deserters cabin.
The Burnett Bay Cabin Journals
A community of Inside Passage travelers that for the most part have never met.

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