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Long Island, Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge
A great place to canoe, kayak and camp in SW Washington, but watch the tides! Part of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, it is accessible only by boat. Five campgrounds and miles of old roads to hike on the island.
Sun Lakes-Dry Falls, Washington State Parks
This state park in eastern Washington has great hiking and mountain biking opportunities both in the canyons and up on the rims. When the Ice Age dams broke, floods here exceeded all rivers combined.
Steamboat Rock, Washington State ParksBest Replica Watches
Climb steeply to the isolated prairie plateau on top of the rock, or explore miles of Northrup Canyon by mountain bike or on foot. Interesting rocks on the way to Northrup Lake.
Cape Disappointment, Washington State Parks
On the Washington side of the mouth of the Columbia River, this park has hiking and bicycling opportunities along beaches and forested foothills. The paved Discovery Trail continues north to Long Beach.
Miller Peninsula, Washington State Parks
An undeveloped state park on the Olympic Peninsula with miles of trail popular with horsemen, hikers and mountain bikers. There are few signs or landmarks here so its easy to get lost.
Salt Creek and Striped Peak, Clallam County Parks and Washington DNR
Seaside camping on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, WWII gun emplacements, and mountain trails