Olympic Discovery Trail - Quimper Peninsula (Port Townsend)
(0) Beginning of trail at SW end of marina. Restrooms at 0.1. Surface is fine gravel.
(1.1) Trail climbs and passes pulp mill. Cross Thomas St and turn inland.
(1.8) Cross Mill Road and continue uphill toward Highway 20. Trail turns south along highway, screened by vegetation.
(2.5) Cross under Highway 20. Trail to right leads to southbound shoulder of highway. (Since trail becomes rougher beyond MP4, laden road bikes going south may wish to exit to the highway here.) Trail to left leads to northbound shoulder. Continue straight for Larry Scott Trail.
(3) Pass under S. Discovery Road through tunnel. Trail access is on SW corner of crossing.
(3.7) Cape George Trail Head. Parking, water, and sani-can.
(4.1) Cross several gravel roads and driveways. Many of these are private roads and lands with trail easements, so follow signs carefully and stay on the marked route during the next half-mile.
(4.5) Trail leaves road.
(4.9) Follows old road, unimproved essentially single-track.
(5.6) Trail leaves old road and descends to left. At bottom, turn left onto Douglas Rd., cross creek, turn right to re-enter trail.
(5.9) Turn right along side S. Discovery Bay Road on improved trail.
(6.1) End of constructed trail as of August, 2009