Olympic Discovery Trail - Morse Creek to Agnew
(4.1) Trail reaches the shore of Juan de Fuca Straits and follows it west for over two miles, with many opportunities for access to the gravel and sand beaches. Then it becomes unpaved and turns inland and climbs abruptly for the temporary half-mile detour around the Rayonier Mill site, pending disposal and cleanup of this property.
(4.9) Strait View Drive at bottom of Morse Creek grade of Highway 101. Just west is the Morse Creek trestle, which was restored by Peninsula Trails Coalition volunteers in 1999. Trail turns north and gradually descends.
(5.5) Crosses several streets near the top of the Morse Creek grade of Highway 101. Large parking area here. Descends along the north side of the highway, passing a sani-can near the 5 mile marker.
(6.1) Steep switchback descent into Bagley Creek. Bridge was originally a pedestrian ramp at the Kingston ferry dock. Climbs uphill until eventually reaching the edge of Highway 101. This section skirts a shooting range, so be prepared for gunshot noise.
(6.9) Tables and sani-can. A very pleasant picnic spot.
(9.5) Leave highway and resume following original railroad grade for the next three miles, with several departures to skirt private land. There are several blind corners on this stretch which bicylists should approach carefully.
(9.7) Descend into Siebert Creek and cross on bridge located under the highway bridge. This bridge was originally a railroad bridge in the Yakima area. Trail crosses to north side of highway and climbs to road level.
(11.2) Intersection of Spring Road and Old Olympic Highway. Trail parallels highway on south side.